Closing the Battery Gap

Revolutionizing Material Innovation

At Enzinc, we are at the forefront of material innovation, revolutionizing the battery industry to bridge the growing energy gap.


The challenge

Demand for high-power batteries is soaring, but current solutions struggle to keep up. Lithium, valued at $70 billion, faces scaling limitations, while lead-acid, worth $40 billion, falls short in delivering the power. The need for high-power batteries is immense, but materials shortages hamper growth.


The solution

Enzinc has solved zinc’s shortcomings, unleashing its power. Our proprietary technology¬†eliminates traditional failure points and emables unparalleled energy density. Common and widely-mined, zinc removes supply chain risks. And an aqueous electrolyte means zero risk of thermal runaway.


The multiplier

Our technology transforms existing legacy battery manufacturers into powerhouses of energy storage. Our drop-in anode lets established manufacturers leapfrog into offering superior batteries with higher margins, increased power and enhanced safety. A cost-effective conversion triples the effective output of lead-acid factories.

Unleashing a Sleeping Giant

We recognize the untapped potential within lead-acid battery factories. Despite their extensive manufacturing infrastructure, they have been left out of the conversation due to their inability to meet energy demands.

With our groundbreaking technology, we tap into the dormant capabilities of existing manufacturing infrastructure, unlocking new possibilities for lead-acid battery manufacturers, revolutionizing the industry.

For mobility

The future of electric mobility includes billions of vehicles that don’t need the most powerful batteries on the market, freeing up scarce lithium for where it’s most needed. Enzinc enables the only zinc-based battery powerful enough to drive modern transportation including:

  • Urban electric vehicles
  • 2- and 3-wheeled vehicles
  • Golf carts and campus vehicles
  • Local delivery trucks

A $9bn global market

For stationary

Backup power needs to be reliable, powerful and safe. Batteries with Enzinc Inside offer the safety and flexibility needed for short or long duration energy storage including:

  • Home and business building backup
  • Telecom tower backup
  • Grid-based storage
  • Microgrids

    A $17bn global market


    Opportunity by the numbers

    The world needs more powerful batteries, and lots of them. Converting existing lead-acid and nickel-based battery factories to make batteries with Enzinc Inside unleashes the potential of this massive industry.

    GWh global lead-acid factory capacity today

    GWh potential global manufacturing capacity

    $billion market opportunity

    X more powerful than lead-acid batteries