Empowering the Energy Revolution

Taking Action for a Sustainable Future

At Enzinc, we are driven by a shared purpose: to make a positive impact in the face of climate change. Our journey began when our co-founders witnessed the immense devastation caused by environmental challenges and realized immediate action was necessary for our planet’s future. They founded Enzinc to revolutionize the energy storage industry by developing cutting-edge battery technologies.

Today, our engineering team operates from a state-of-the-art Product Development Center at the University of California, Berkeley’s Richmond Field Station. Here, we work tirelessly to bring our battery solutions to the market, ensuring they are production-ready and poised to make a significant impact.

Together, we are shaping a world where environmental responsibility and technological innovation go hand in hand.

Investors and Grantors

Enzinc has raised more than $8 million, most recently with a seed round led by 3x5 Partners and a $1.8m California Energy Commission BRIDGE grant.

Leadership team

Enzinc was founded by a team with track records of success in clean energy, automotive and aerospace design and manufacturing, and entrepreneurship. We gathered experts in battery manufacturing, electrochemistry, product testing, and bringing innovative products to market.

Michael Burz

Founder and CEO
At Nissan, Michael led a team to design and build an innovative modular race car for the 24 Hours of Le Mans. At General Dynamics, he designed cruise missiles and at CSC, he was VP of the Global Manufacturing Vertical, bringing in more than $2 bn in new business. Michael has a MS in Aerospace Engineering from SDSU and BS from CalPoly SLO.

Dej Knuckey (she/her)

Cofounder and CMO
Deborah has worked with innovators in solar, energy storage, wind and power electronics. Deborah began her career as a business reporter in her homeland, Australia. After getting an MBA from UCLA, she was a consultant in McKinsey & Co.s energy practice. After returning for a MS in sustainable design, she was Enphase Energy's head of global marketing.

Meinrad Machler

Chief Engineer
Meinrad has held senior positions at ElectroVaya, a Lithium-Ion battery design and manufacturing company, FisherCast, a specialist zinc metal casting company where he was CTO, and Dana Corp. leading teams in thermal management. Meinrad has his M. Eng. from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, M.A. Sc from the U of Columbia Vancouver, and his MBA from the U of Toronto.

Phil Baker

Head of Operations
Phil brings expertise in manufacturing batteries. He was COO at Axion Power, a publicly traded start-up company that developed and sold electrochemical advanced energy storage batteries and electronic power systems, and Senior VP and GM at Trojan Battery Company. Phillip studied materials science engineering Georgia Institute of Technology.

Jenna Lynch

Chief People Officer
Jenna brings decades of experience building dynamic corporate cultures, developing leaders, and growing teams to Enzinc. Jenna is ensuring Enzinc has a strong, engaging and creative culture that attracts, retains and enables all team members to thrive. She is mentoring the leaders and developing succession plans. Jenna has a bachelor's in business and marketing.

John Bonanno (he/him)

Strategic Advisor
Jon is a strategic advisor focused on clean economy CEOs with a track record of helping them develop their leadership skills, decision making style and emotional intelligence. He has been a successful founder and supported other entrepreneurs through successive growth periods. He is a Board Observer and is leading Enzinc's fundraising process.

Board and Senior Advisors


Michael Burz

CEO, president and cofounder of Enzinc.

Jake Pflaum

Principal at 3×5 Partners, lead investor in Enzinc’s seed round.

Deborah Knuckey

Cofounder and chief marketing officer of Enzinc bringing decades of energy industry expereince.

Dr. William Cogen

Cofounder, investor, successful serial entrepreneur.

Nicholas Walrod

Managing Partner and cofounder at 3×5 Partners, lead investor in Enzinc’s seed round.

Business Advisors

Stefan Seiberth

Former president of global OEM leader Robert Bosch GmbH’s Powertrain Solutions division, investor in Enzinc.

Bert Garcia

Former CFO of clean energy technology firm Enphase, who led it to a multibillion dollar market capitalization.

Robert Espey

CEO of Parkland Energy in Canada, investor in Enzinc.

Jon Bonanno

Serial entrepreneur and business advisor with a history of successful start ups and fundraising rounds.

Technical Advisors

Tim Stanley

Former chief IP counsel at Sandia National Laboratories bringing expertise in inteallectual property strategy.

Bill Vega

Former VP of research and engineering at General Dynamics, Convair division, a leader in aviation design and manufacturing.

George Mavko

Former program director at Raytheon, bringing expertise in program leadership manufacturing.

The one thing I value the most at Enzinc is the work culture. It is important to work at a place that promotes work-life balance.

Mosope A.

Program Manager

Knowing that my contributions can make a positive impact, such as developing sustainable energy storage solutions, serves as. astrong motivator for me.

Lapka S.

Manufacturing Engineer

EMPOWER YOUR CAREER: Enzinc offers team members opportunities to grow their careers and make a difference in the world.