Unlocking the Power of Zinc

Triple the energy and cycle life

Unleash unmatched performance

We’re redefining what’s possible in the energy sector — delivering three times the energy output and cycle life compared to traditional alternatives. Enzinc’s high-performance technology excels in both mobility or stationary applications. With Enzinc inside, everything from golf carts to e-bikes to small- and mid-scale stationary storage systems can be powered and energized with confidence.

Enzinc is setting a new standard for performance, revolutionizing energy storage.

The secret is in the microsponge structure. No other zinc battery comes close.

A Visionary Future

Our material innovation heralds a new era in battery technology. It addresses the challenges of scaling, power output and materials scarcity. Join us as we enter this transformative chapter, driving innovation and shaping the future of energy storage.

Embrace Enzinc Inside

Enzinc unleashes the power of existing battery factories.  With our cutting-edge solutions, customers can leapfrog into high-power markets, tripling the effective output of each converted line, without additional factories.

Our advantage

No dendrites = more cycles

High surface area = more energy

Cathode agnostic = more markets

    The others

    Suppressing or removing dendrites results in half the energy density or less.

      Award-Winning Innovation