Powertrain solutions expert sees advanced zinc batteries as critical for electric mobility’s future

RICHMOND, Calif.:  Enzinc Inc., an advanced battery technology developer bringing rechargeable zinc batteries to market, announced that former president of Robert Bosch GmbH’s Powertrain Solutions division, Stefan Seiberth, has joined its board of senior advisors. The announcement comes as the energy company continues to scale up its prototype zinc-anodes, moving from button cells to pouch cells.

“Stefan’s expertise in the mobility sector brings valuable perspective as we refine our initial prototype battery for electric bicycles,” said Michael Burz, Enzinc founder and CEO. “Zinc-based batteries will fit mobility applications from scooters to urban electric vehicles and Stefan’s insights and deep industry connections will further validate our business model and shape our go to market strategy.”

Seiberth recently retired from Robert Bosch. In his role as president of its Powertrain Solutions division, he led an 88,000-person global team that brought all the organization’s drivetrain competence into a single organization, including emobility for more than ten years. Later, he was chief of its Progressive Mobility Players team. Prior to this role, Seiberth led several innovative business units and a regional organization. He holds a Dipl.-Ing. degree from Stuttgart University.

“It’s shortsighted to assume that lithium is the right and only battery chemistry for all applications,” said Seiberth. “I see zinc as filling a critical need for safe, compact batteries that operate under a wider temperature range, without the supply chain challenges of lithium or the toxic waste of lead. Zinc-based batteries have the potential to not only meet many e-mobility needs but also displace lead acid batteries in traditional applications.”

Enzinc’s rechargeable zinc sponge anode technology allows zinc, for the first time, to be used in a family of high-performance rechargeable batteries. The anode’s structure allows the battery to provide more than three times the energy and have two to three times the lifespan of lead acid batteries while costing about the same. The battery is totally recyclable and much safer to use than either lead- or lithium-based batteries.